Local Missions

As a church family, we run several on-going local missions that are near and dear to our hearts; as well as, supporting the on-going mission work of other local non-profit organizations.

Trinity ||| Task Force

The Task Force for the Trinity was born out of a love for our community and neighbors. No job is too big or too small for this group of dedicated volunteers (i.e. painting, yardwork, repairing fences, moving furniture, etc.)! The Task Force moves into action when God places a need on the hearts of our church family… preparations are made to address the need and the task is completed…it’s truly as simple as that.

Things to know about the Task Force for the Trinity:

  • Anyone is welcome to join the Task Force for the Trinity (no matter your church affiliation).
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for needs of others in our community, and share the needs you see and hear about with the Task Force.
  • Be ready to serve with open arms and loving hearts as often as you are able.

If you would like to join the Task Force for the Trinity or have seen a need that could be addressed by the Task Force, contact Shawn Scott at (580) 641-1669.

Mid-Day Manna

Mid-Day Manna is an outreach ministry of our church to the Marlow High School students and teachers and our community’s First Responders. We provide a hearty meal during the lunch break period on the 1st Thursday of every month while school is in session. We look forward to serving, encouraging and praying for everyone who walks in the door hungry.

Check our News and Events Calendar to see when the next Mid-Day Manna is scheduled, and to save a reminder on your phone to join us!

Backpack for Kids

The Backpack for Kids program sends kid-friendly, nutritious, non-perishable food home with chronically hungry children every Friday as they leave school to sustain them over the weekend and holidays. The program began in fall 2009 as a community outreach, serving the needs of Marlow elementary school children, through a partnership established between our United Methodist Women and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

One in four children in Oklahoma lives in households that are struggling to put food on the table. There is a critical connection between childhood nutruition and cognitive and physical development. Going without food can cause behavioral and psychological effects such as depression, aggression, anxiety and poor social skills in children. Food is the most essential school supply. Learning begins when hunger ends. Hungry children simply cannot learn.

To donate directly to the Marlow Backpack for Kids program through the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, please follow this secure donation link GIVE: Marlow Backpack for Kids Donation.

If you would like more information about or to volunteer with Backpack for Kids, please contact Sue Horning at (580) 721-9798.

Blessings Boutique

With its Grand Opening on April 17, 2018, the Blessings Boutique boasts new and gently-worn clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, all affordably priced from $1 – $5 per item. The Boutique is located in the church’s Darnell House just to the west of the main building (109 N. 5th Street). It is staffed by volunteers two Tuesdays per month to offer a shopping experience for our community. Clothing for adults is geared towards business to business casual.

To see when the Blessings Boutique is open next, please check our News and Events Calendar. All proceeds are used for the Missions of our church.

To donate gently-worn clothing, shoes or accessories, you may drop off your donation during shopping hours or call the Church Office at (580) 658-2765 to schedule a time. If you are interested in volunteering to help staff the Blessings Boutique, please contact Stefanie Smith at (580) 656-4949.

Blessing Box

The Blessing Box is a small box filled with non-perishable food items and personal hygiene supplies for those in need. Its mission is simple…take what you need, give what you can. The Blessing Box is located on the front lawn of the church’s Blessings Boutique, just to the west of the main building (109 N. 5th Street). This local mission is a community effort and we are grateful for those who join us in keeping the Blessing Box filled for those who need its offerings.  What a simple gesture to our neighbors to add a couple of items for the Blessing Box onto our shopping lists! “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.” – Winston Churchill

To request a shopping list of needs for the Blessing Box or for additional information, please contact Rose Massey at (580) 721-0874.

Random Acts of Kindness

We know that God’s love can be as simple as a genuine smile and a kind word. The Random Acts of Kindness crew does just what their name suggests…leaving bits of God’s love randomly through simple acts of kindness. The acts can be as simple as handing out McDonald’s gift cards to the homeless, helping to pay a neighbor’s electric or medical bill, dropping off fans and water on a hot summer day…all to tell you in a meaningful way that God sees you.

If you would like to know what the Random Act of Kindness is this month, to volunteer or to learn more, please contact Kim Kern at (580) 483-2666.

Global Missions

As a United Methodist congregation, we are part of the global church through our prayer and monetary giving in support of world-wide missions. Within our church family, there are occasional opportunities to travel abroad or within the U.S. to be a part of hands-on mission work. Information is made available for those interested in getting involved with global mission work.