Our goal as a Youth Group is to love students (6th through 12th grades), and to encourage and challenge students to live boldly the life Jesus Christ calls us to as His followers. We believe in sharing life together, living a life of worship, and serving those in need. If you are interested in knowing more about Marlow First Youth, please contact the Church Office at (580) 658-2765.

Senior High Youth

9th thru 12th Grade | AOC House, building north of Main Building

Youth Choir | Wednesday 6:30pm (during school year)
Youth Group | Wednesday 7 pm

The SeniorĀ High Youth study on Sunday mornings relevant and age-appropriate topics to grow our faith in Christ. On Wednesday nights, we begin our time together praising the Lord in Youth Choir, playing games with the Mid-High Youth, and finally enjoying dinner and Bible Study using the Bible Study Guide Curriculum. This curriculum takes us on an in-depth look at our faith by studying God’s Word, reviewing historical maps and timeline from Creation to modern day.

Mid-High Youth

6th thru 8th Grade | AOC House, building north of Main Building

Sunday School | Sunday 9:45am
Dinner | Wednesday 5:30 – 6:30pm, Main Building, Fellowship Hall
Youth Group | Wednesday 6 pm
Youth Choir | Wednesday 6:30pm (during school year)

The Mid-High Youth take an in-depth look at our faith by studying God’s Word, reviewing historical maps and timeline from Creation forward on Sunday mornings using the Bible Study Guide Curriculum. On Wednesday nights, our time together begins with a relevant and age-appropriate lesson around the dinner table. It concludes with Youth Choir and fun games with the Senior High Youth.

Mid-Day Manna

Mid-Day Manna is an outreach ministry of our church to the Marlow High School students and teachers, and our community’s First Responders. We provide a hearty meal during the lunch break period on the 1st Thursday of every month while school is in session. We look forward to serving, encouraging and praying for everyone who walks in the door hungry.

Check our News and Events Calendar to see when the next Mid-Day Manna is scheduled, and to save a reminder on your phone to join us!


Confirmation is a time for your youth to experience the teachings of Christ and learn more about Methodist theology. It is a time to explore more of your faith journey with others. The class is geared towards 5th and 6th graders and is taught by our pastor [older youth and adults are also welcome to attend]. The class begins each spring following the traditional service (10:45am) and is six weeks long.

More information about joining the Confirmation Class will be posted in our News and Events Calendar.

Parent Resources

Articles and Information to help bolster your guidance of your child’s faith in Christ Jesus and help navigate their world.

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